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Open Comcat on Berries, OR 2020

Open Comcat on Broccoli, CA 2020

Open Comcat on Cauliflower, FL 2020

Open Comcat & AnnGro on Lettuce, AZ 2019

Open Comcat on Sweet Corn & Silage, WA 2020

Open Comcat on Turf Grass, USA 2019

Open Comcat & Herbicides on Wheat, USA 2020

Open CibuSil on Row Crops, 2019

Open ComCat on Soybean

Open ComCat on Strawberries, 2022

Open AnnGro on Soybean, Lettuce, Cabbage, Wheat, Eggplant, 2022

Open Comcat on Almond, CA 2022

Open AnnGro on Almond, CA 2019

Open EcoFungi on Potted Almond Trees, CA 2019

Open ComCat on Groundnut, 2018

Open ComCat and CibuSil on Walnut

Open ComCat on Fruit Trees, 2018

Open CibuSil on Citrus

Open ComCat on Turf, 2019

Open ComCat on Golf Green, 2023

Open CibuSil strengthens plants and soil against salt toxicity, Fresno State USA

Open EcoSil / CibuSil Soil Improvement, 2022